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How can a striker that plays for arguably the best and biggest club in the world only score 10 league goals in a title winning season?, isn’t it absurd that a striker of benzeama’s level misses sitters week in week out, and it all started in 2015.
Benzeama level has dropped catastrophically since 2015 but it was not visible to fans around the world till now why?, Cristiano ronaldo covers for most of benzema wastage in front of goal, which in turn makes benzema immune to the scrutiny that was suppose to follow his dip in form.
This season has completely exposed benzema, he just doesn’t cut it at the top anymore, apart from what he does best which is linking up with Cristiano and the midfield he has nothing good to offer in front of goal
One of the reasons I can state here is Age. Its quite visible that age has caught up with benzema too soon, because if we are to look at his age then why is lewandowski still banging in the goals.It is well known that players aren’t the same and benzema can’t be excluded from that fact.
:- Yes injuries has also affected him he was injured at the start of the season twice and he occasionally pick up knock nowadays which has affect his form and made it drop dramatically.
Bad luck as also affected him, benzema is quite unlucky or what can you say about one of the top 3 post hitting strikers In laliga it just boils down to bad luck, but what bothers Madrid fans around the world is that the luck doesn’t seem like changing for good anytime soon and its affecting Madrid really bad.

So bad luck has made benzema look wasteful. Lack of competition this has affected benzema really bad, zidane decision not sign a top class striker in the last Summer transfer window has made it quite easy for benzema to keep on playing the way without him bothering about been benched.
The mentality In him doesn’t seem to have that motivation to turn his form around.Linking up isn’t the only thing needed from a striker, especially one that plays in a Madrid shirt, he’s got to start banging the goals. If not I fear him been shipped out.
Getting benzema back to his best will require Madrid to find some sort of competition for Benz, a top class class striker should be signed to awaken the fighting spirit in him. And also provide a good cover for him, in case of him been injures or out of form once again.

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