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The three reasons for the resurrection of Benzema

The three reasons for the resurrection of Benzema

Karim Benzema has been the best player of Real Madrid against Alavés. The French striker finally resuscitates with a brilliant performance in La Liga. The support of Zinedine Zidane and his teammates is one of the keys to the awakening of the ‘9’ white.

The French striker has signed a brilliant performance against Alavés , thus becoming the MVP of the match . The match did not start well for Karim Benzema, but with the passing of the minutes he was finding his best football. A heel to Cristiano Ronaldo was the trigger for goal number one hundred of Real Madrid this season, being the first Spanish team to achieve it in 2017/2018. The ‘9’ merengue has risen and these are the three main reasons for the happy news.

1. Active in the collective game
Benzema was very active throughout the ninety minutes, going from less to more and being one of the key pieces of the win against Alavés. The French player was well on the field and let him see by associating more than ever with his teammates, something that especially benefited Cristiano and Bale . Karim Benzema is not a center forward to use and that is something that can benefit much to the game of Real Madrid, something that has been latent this Saturday.

2. More pressure in defense
One of the outstanding accounts of the French striker was sacrificing more in defense. With the BBC in the starting lineup, the white players knew that either they increased the pressure against Alavés or they could suffer as it has been happening throughout the season in numerous matches. Benzema took good note and helped in defensive work, getting a great result for the white team.

3. Support of Zidane

Both Zidane and his teammates have not hesitated to highlight the outstanding performance of Karim Benzema at the Santiago Bernabéu in the last league match. The ‘9’ Madrid has been harshly criticized over the past few months, but that has not moved to the bosom of the team, as both the merengue coach and the staff has always been faithful to the player, giving his face for him On numerous occasions. Support in the dressing room has never been lacking for Benzema.

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