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The Perfect Midfield Duo TONI KROOS AND LUKA MODRIC.

The Perfect Midfield Duo.
TONI KROOS AND LUKA MODRIC THE MAGIC IN BETWEEN .The two midfield maestros, they have been the backbone of success that Madrid has built upon.
Modric:- A tireless,hardworking player that has the capacity to dribble,tackle and is full of burst runs, which makes him a great attacker.
So much talent in a player once termed as the “worst buy” in 2012.
At that time he hasn’t settled into Madrid but wen he did the rest has been history. His tireless and classy play compliments that of kroos.

Kroos:- An elegant and undoubtedly the best passer of the game, this guy can even pass the ball into the net. He plays a very simple but solid football he isn’t classy on the pitch and doesn’t quite get the star man focus. He is a silent “sniper” as he is fondly called by madridstas.
There are some attribute that they both possess. Both are quite good at defense splitting passes they can open the opponents defense with just one pass if given the chance.
Both are good in long range Shots, they can punish any goalkeeper from outside d box.
One other thing they are good at also is “tacking”, this isn’t evident much cause they are played to do that, but when requited to to do that they sure step up do what they are good at.
Their style of play compliments each other when one attacks the other stays back, there is no bumping into each other. The achievement of Madrid in recent years can be said to a large extent that the partnership of his two players has made it possible . And it doesn’t look like stopping.All hopes will as well be on them to perform tonight and show the world once more the wizard they both are.

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