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Ronald & Madrid haters funny  comments on Facebook.

Ronald & Madrid haters funny  comments on Facebook.
1;Neymar was ta Barcelona Madridiots compare penaldo with messi now they compare Messi shadow with penaldo imagine how is the difference of Messi with other players what shame on Fifa give gifts penaldo balloon d’ro messi deserved from 2008 until he retires
Messi n Neymar can Scoring, Assisting, Dribbling, Passing, Play making..

2:Kane & Ronaldo are just goal scorer,,, but Messi & Neymar has extraordinary football .
3:If you are a striker and scores goals (85% tapins + 15% good goals)…so that doesn’t mean you are the best player.
Where are midfielders defenders goalkeepers.
Only strikers are overrated.
4:Scoring tap ins doesn’t mean that he can be on the same level as Messi n Neymar but he can be compared with CR7 v2.0
5:Kane is just a goalscorer just like penaldo. Maybe he is better than penaldo but MESSI best in the world.
6:Kane  is Penaldo level but no no where near Messi.
7:Then Andre Gomes is on the same level as Tony kroos, Sergio busqets and Kevin de bryune.

8:Messi n Neymar are more complete Skills than Kane n Ronaldo..
9: Real Madrid will win the UcL this season, apart from that joke wich one else do you know.
10: when PENALDO is bossing the Penalty stats..Barcelona will never concede a penalty because they have specialist in diving in the team 11:who passes on the latet scope and method of diving to the Defenders.
12: Most of you here don’t know anything about Real Madrid, Madrid players receive the praise they deserve as long as you play well. Imagine Luca modric receiving the man Of The match award at club world cup final despite the fact that it was Ronaldo that scored the only goal. Real Madrid is individual team, you will surely be recognise as long as you perform well unlike Barka that give everything to Messi… Like that match against psg, Neymar played with his last strength Yet Barcelona fans still give the praise to Messi that was no where to be found…..
13:Kane n Ronaldo : Heading, Tap In, Penalty .

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