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Real Madrid rising star Marco Asensio.

Real Madrid rising star Marco Asensio.

He is really a great player .Born in Palma, Majorca,.Asensio joined RCD Mallorca in 2006 from CF Platges de Calvià. 24 November 2014 sign agreement with real madrid.Asensio scored his first goal of the 2017–18 season with a 25-yard finish in a 3–1 win against FC Barcelona.Asensio is a wonderfully talented player .his playing style like mesii.marco asensio rating vs real sociedad 8.5 Fantastic performance from young Marco against real sociedad he Was involved in nearly every goal for Madrid unlucky not to get one himself. number of opportunities to drive the ball up through the midfield and demonstrate his break-neck speed.
The only reason I don’t want Neymar or Hazard to join Real Madrid is this guy down below. He is one of the most complete youngster currently. He has the pace, he can dribbles at times when needed, his passing is good, his crosses are fantastic, his vision is really very under appreciated, his finishing is better than many great players, and his long shots? We shouldn’t even talk about that. Another thing which he is good at is off the ball movement. Remember the only goal we scored against Leganes away in CDR? He is versatile too, can play as LW, RW and CAM.

The only thing he needs is some playing time. He is really a great player and will be one of the future best. If Neymar, Hazard or any other world class winger joins Real Madrid, that would eventually mean that he will be benched for like 4-5 more years till Bale ages up and starts losing his pace. That’s when he will start games for Real Madrid if another winger is bought this summer. Do you think he will really wait for like 5 years for his chances? Nah, he would leave Real Madrid and join some other club just like Morata and James did. Selling him would even be a biggest mistake of Real Madrid.

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