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Open letter to Ronaldo
  • Open letter to Ronaldo.
    Happy Birthday Cristiano Ronaldo!
    The best ever, the one who has put a smile in millions of faces. Some suffer from depression, suicidal thoughts, loneliness, homesickness etc. A moment where we forget the world and watch what we truly love, pure passion personified. I see players like Ronaldo, Ramos, Marcelo, Kroos, Modric, Bale etc stepping on the field. It gives me a feeling that the ones I know like my family are playing, as if I be with them all of the time. When Ronaldo scores I scream like my brother scored! I shed tears of joy in UCL Matches like 2nd Leg against Wolfsburg and ask myself what deeds did I do in the past life that I am blessed to see the greatest ever creating magic live! These people never talk to us or aren’t even aware of our existence but we know them like back of our hands. I feel I talk to them everyday, there hasn’t been a single night when I haven’t met Ronaldo and cried while telling him he’s the one who made my life by showing me how to keep on fighting and to never give up. How to answer criticism and how to come back even stronger when it seems impossible. 4-1 to 5-5 is so much inspiring. Last minute goals of Ramos, Ronaldo’s Euro campaign and leadership qualities, Marcelo’s passion, Bale’s innocence, Modric’s cuteness, professionalism of Kroos…. There are endless qualities I admire of every player. Every interview they give, it communicates so much with my inner self that even an hour of conversation with a counselor wouldn’t do.

    It feels like I know them better than I know my family. Just can’t explain how much of impact the club has on me and how much I owe to all the players and our club, especially Cristiano Ronaldo Dos Santos Aveiro!
    More than a game, beautiful game!
    In the era of fake friends I found my true companions!
    I don’t know what I’ll do when he retires.

    I really wish to meet him once, or at least convey all this to him maybe via the help of social media only as you fans hold a lot of power and have shown it before too. Though I’m sure I’ll just end up speechless and in tears if I ever happen to see him in person…
    The one who made me watch football,
    I always watch him play and practice, this guy gives his best on the ground, no matter even if someone is supporting him or not, criticizing him or not, no matter what is the result of the match.
    I learnt a very big lesson of life from him, no matter anyone is with you or not, always work hard and give your best to get something.
    Cristiano Ronaldo
    Love you alot,
    I am always behind you, cheering for u, supporting you and
    Respecting you..

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