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KING OF FOOTBALL Cristiano Ronaldo

KING OF FOOTBALL Cristiano Ronaldo

Top scorer of UCL
Top assister of UCL
Most freekicks scored in UCL
Most headers in UCL
More hattricks 48
More goals than pele 79
Most freekicks in La liga
Most hattricks in la liga
Most hat tricks in UCL
Most goals+assists in world cup qualifications100+ headers

Most goals in champions league season 17 

Most goals in UCL year 18
Most goals at club world cup(shared with leo)
Most pokers in history
Most ucl goals for one club(real madrid 98)
Best goal ratio in ucl for one club(real madrid)
Top scorer in Ucl final semifinal quater final (knockout stages)
Most away goals in UCL
First player to score againts every team in la liga in single season
Most hat tricks in single ucl season(3)
Top scorer of madrid derby
Highest goal ratio in la liga
50 + goals in 6 consecutive seasons(messi 3)
Most international goals of active players
Fastest to score 200 and 250 goals in top european leagues
Most braces(2 goals in one match) in UCL history
Most perfect hat tricks (header,left and right foot) ever

Most headers than any other active player
100 goals from outside the box more than any other player in last 20 years
Only player to score back to back hattricks in UCL knockout stages
Most goals ever in Uefa euro(shared with platini)
Most goals in premier league season shared with suarez
First player to score in every minute of the game
Most international goals in one year (UCL,EUROPEAN CUPS AND NATIONAL TEAM) 29 ever (messi is second)
Most goals in UCL group stage in single season(11)
4 times UCL winner and top scorer in same season
Real madrid top assister in la liga and UCL
Most ucl top scorer awards:6 (messi 5)
The second best player after pele(messi third)

4.MESSI-98(or 97 i am not sure)
Cristiano Ronaldo:
All-time top scorer: Euro
All-time top scorer: European Cup
All-time top scorer: Champions League
All-time top scorer: All European Competitions
All-time top scorer: Club World Cup
All-time top scorer: Real Madrid

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