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Champions League war beginning on 14 February in Santiago Bernabéu


REAL MADRID VS PARIS SAINT GERMAN. A match that will define both clubs season, Real Madrid needs the win more but we can’t write off the intensity and hunger PSG has shown towards the champions league in the past three seasons, that made them bring Neymar to France at all cost. Its a match that is tightly poised and at the end its just the little details and errors that will matter. Now looking at PSG there attack can be considered without doubt to be the best in the world, considering the tones of goals scored by them week in week out. But they can be shut out and it was shown by Beryern Munich in the champions league and Lyon also in the league.

PSG are a team that virtually attacks throughout, and they are most dangerous on counter attacks. Madrid defending of counter attacks is absolutely catastrophic and they will need to soak up lots of PSG pressure in doing this Madrid’s defense will need all the help they can get from their attackers bale, cr7 inclusive. THE MIDFIELD:- Looking at PSG midfield it can be said that Madrid is a bit better in that department considering the talent and level of modric and Toni kross, its true we cant write off verrati and robiot also but the truth is modric and kross are on a different level when on form. The match truly will be decided in the middle of the park if Madrid or PSG are to come out on top, it will solely depend on how well the midfield is been won.

Madrid are a team that aren’t good defensively so if Madrid are to come out glorious the first and main thing that must be perfect should be the defense if not dey will sure be disgraced with the likes of Neymar cavani mbappe lying in wait if the defense can get there acts right then the forwards can be trusted to do what they do best ” bashing big teams”. KEY PLAYERS:- MADRID- Cristiano Ronaldo Its been frequently said that the champions league is the CR7 league, he looks unbeatable whenever he plays in it. Which in turn makes him the main man For Madrid against PSG all hopes will be on him to bring his superhuman powers to the fore once again and with his latest hat trick announcing his been back to form, PSG are not going to have it easy.

PARIS SAINT GERMAN- Neymar Bought this season by PSG to lead them to the champion league title. The main reason why he was bought is cause of matches as this and now is the perfect chance for him to justify his buy. Madrid have got to nullify him completely to have a chance at winning, but with the form he his in Madrid aren’t gonna have it easy.

FACTS:- Real Madrid and PSG has faced each other competitively 6 times (home and away inclusive). And they have a balanced record between them:- 2 wins each. 1 draw each.

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