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Behind every great goal there is a great assist.

The Arsenal playmaker has been the best chance creator so far this season, with an average chance creation of 4 chance per game.
Ozil a world cup star in 2010 bought by Madrid as a young lad who had the world at his feet. He has the ability to see through holes in any defense no matter how compact or tight they are.
Arsenal saw the talent in him as at the time he wanted to leave Madrid and never hesitated to make him there most expensive player as at that time. During his time at Madrid he combined to an almost perfect level with Cristiano Ronaldo, he knows when Ronaldo wants to make a run, also when he wants to make a 1-2 pass. It was as if both players were thinking through the same brain on the pitch.

The combination of both of them was a thing of joy as at the time he(ozil) was at Madrid.
The main reason be was sold has not been understood by all Madrid fans. The feeling ozil and the board of Madrid gave us was that he needed a new challenge.

There was rumours at a point in time that he fell out because of his wage demands, if that was true, then its a sad story for Madrid, they should have done everything within there power to keep him at Santiago bernabeu.
Been one of the best No 10 football has ever seen it’s quite saddening seeing him in another colours. Madrid cant dwell on the past much, which is why we have moved forward and we appreciate the midfielders fighting every week to bring glory to the white jersey.

Ozil at Arsenal now, no argument he is the best now at emirates, after Alexis Sanchez departure ozil remains the true star at arsenal not ruling out the talent of abumeyang, lacazette, or michetaryean.Ozil arrived at arsenal as the most expensive player in there history as at that time. It was quite expected that with his body language or his physique and also his character that seems too cool, some even said his lazy approach to games sometimes, people said all this could hamper his development.

But that has not been the Not been the case he has cemented his place as an arsenal great. Now with the signing of Arubumeyang, he will be relied upon to create the goals for arsenal new most expensive player. Ozil never fails in chance creation, he might be below-par at scoring goals, but the world knows he is one of the best when it comes to creating goals.

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