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Real Madrid have no plan B This Season.

Real Madrid have no plan B This Season.
Benzema: He is a striker that scored his 10th league goal just one week before the end of the league while playing for the league champions last season. In fact, since the start of the pre-season and until this moment, Benzema scored only one goal for Real Madrid.Against Valencia, Benzema showed how terrible of a goalscorer he is missing many goalscoring chances.
Bale:last few years he has injuries problems .when he is fully fit,he isn’t exactly Goalscorer.

Ronaldo:Ronaldo had a bad night against Betis, missing a few scoring chances but, everyone is bound to have such match somewhere during the season,The big issue is that a team like Real Madrid have no one Worthy to decide games when ronaldo was not playing or having the inevitable bad game.
Zidane:Last season could rest up to nine players at once, confident that his ‘Plan B’ would do the job.

but this season: The ‘B team’ replacements have been coveted youngsters with less experience,When Girona can score two and also hit the woodwork twice, it’s clear that Madrid are struggling at the back.They have shipped 0.90 goals per game, down from 1.08.
Madrid used to have the best defence going forward. Last season,
Center-back Sergio Ramos got seven goals alone,Marcelo and Carvajal set up 14 league goals,Casemiro struck four.Yet Zidane cannot rely on his defenders to score all the time. This season.but experienced heads who changed games from the bench. Morata and Rodriguez alone scored 23 league goals last season.

selling good players after winning the title remains a dangerous game,Some people say that the Madrid squad has been weakened by certain departures Mariano: “James, Morata, Pepe sell and no replacement big mistake.
Real Madrid 19 points behind La Liga leaders Barcelona.After Saturday’s 2-2 Liga draw with has become clear that only one thing can save Zidane from the Bernabeu win the Uefa Champions League.They face the French big-spenders on Valentine’s Day, February 14, in the first leg in Madrid.
Real Madrid million fans waiting for Uefa Champions League.

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